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student made game taking on crunch culture through tabletop game play.

Lucky Draw Games : Manifesto

“We at Lucky Draw Games have a goal to tackle the idea of “crunch culture” within the larger game industry, and certain problems everyday workers—more so, everyday people—end up facing. Crunch culture is undoubtedly a large and pervasive problem that affects a substantial amount of workers around the world. While it causes strain and various negative effects, most importantly, it’s still manageable. 100 Hours Till Launch places the player into the shoes of workers who run a small indie game dev studio, setting every participant into a similar mentality to explore ideas of empathy, respect, and agency within their studio. The aim of this project is to further evoke and understand passion as work, inclusive, and inspire reflection on the topic of crunch culture."

Meet the Team

Left - to - Right [INSTAGRAM]

Chumani Bowser - Team Print  - [chu_b_art]

Character Art, Card layout, Line work, Concept Art

Catherine Lastowka - Team Animation - [ikarising]

Animation Lead, Rule book, Blog, Concept

Sean Howard - Team Print / Animation - [misfitsartsy]

 Flavor Text & RPG Writing, Character Art, Card Layout

Jordan Bailey - Team Design -[jojobaileyart]

Game Mechanics, Concept Art, Colorist, Line work

Noah McKee - Team Print - [Noah_mckee_art]

Art Lead, Character Art, Card Layout, Game Mechanics

Jennifer Stout - Team Design - [jjsart5769]

Game Mechanics, Rules, Marketing, Web and Streaming Assets

Our Amazing Partners

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ODAM Publishing

Of Dreams and Magic

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100HoursPNPCards.pdf 8 MB
100HoursPNPRules.pdf 11 MB

Install instructions

Print and Play How-To -

  1. Download both .pdf files found at the bottom of this page
  2. Print card sheets FRONT AND BACK (100HoursPNPCards.pdf) on 8 1/2 by 11 paper (5 Sheets Front and Back and 1 for character cards).
  3. Cut along the marked lines
  4. Assemble decks as indicated by rule book (See the component list)
  5. You will need 32 tokens of your own to use as TIME CUBES
  6. Enjoy & Share your experience on Instagram 

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Game-play Demo: 

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